Olive Impex was founded in 2020 as a proprietor firm. We conduct business with specialists in the leather industry.  We primarily concentrate on exporting leather and leather items, particularly to the USA, and we intend to broaden the variety globally. Additionally, we conduct domestic trade in leather and leather goods. We have been performing export business and making timely deliveries for the past three years to ensure customer satisfaction. We exclusively export high-quality goods. Since 2010, we have an excellent contact with customers in the USA and Europe, and with their help, we are operating a business.

"Creativity is an import-export business"

Ethan Zuckerman

"The result of a business is a satisfied customer"

Peter Drucker


+91 9444665719 / +91 9381045394



No 4, Narasimman Street, Nagalkeni,

Chromepet, Chennai 600044,

Tamil Nadu, India.